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We offer 5 brand new conference halls, with brand new AV-equipment


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Our classic fishsoup
Served with newly drawn fish, shrimp and julienne vegetables 165,-
(milk, fish, shellfish)

Main course

Today's selected meat dish 335,-

Today's selected fish dish 295,-

Pulled pork from our local butcher Gabbas. Served with cheddar, bacon, homemade burgerbread and ovenroasted potatoes. 225,- (99,- childsize)
(wheat-gluten, milk, egg)

Our classic fishsoup
Served with newly drawn fish, shrimp and julienne vegetables 235,- (99,- childsize) (milk, fish, shellfish)

Skagen sandwich
Homemade bread, shrimp in stir of Skagen, cucumber and picklet red onion 195,- (wheat-gluten, milk, egg, shellfish)


Warm berries served with vanilla icecream 135,- (milk, egg)

Nordic apple trifle 135,- (milk)

Utstein Monestary

In the refectoy the monks ate two meals a day. Normal conversation was prohibited – only Bible reading and singing were allowed. Originally, the large east window the only source for daylight. The only entryway was from the cloister garden. The other windows and doors were added in the 1700s. The barrel-vaulted ceiling was built in the same way as was a bridge. First, a strong wooden scaffolding with a curved central portion was erected. Stone and lime-mortar were then laid atop it. By the time the last stone (keystone) was put into position in the middle of the vault, the ceiling would have been self-supporting and the scaffolding and scaffolding could be removed.

We offer 4 eooms for conference or private parties. Please contact us for any questions or prices

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