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Munk dinner

Monk dinner at Utstein abbey. The awakening to a truly unique experience at Utstein abbey. All guests will be handed monk robes and will soon be immersed in what it might feel like to attend a joyous holiday dinner in a truly authentic setting at Utstein abbey, as in the old days. The chef has based the menu on old recipes and local ingredients to create the best possible and timely 3-course dinner for you, but of course prepared to the present standards. Muted lighting and mobile phone on silent is a matter of course. Gregorian music is heard in the background. This can be customized to your wishes. Suitable for groups of 15-60 people. Price on request.

Wine tasting

A little journey into the wine world. Theme for tasting can be country, district, continent or grape type / grape mix, different flavors in different districts / countries or food and wine in combination. The activity is led by anglers with great dedication and passion for the wine world. The wine tasting can be done either at the hotel or for example in the wine cellar at Utstein Abbey. Wine tasting is often done in combination with the following dinner. Time: About 1-1.5 hours. Minimum 10 paying people. Price on request.


Experienced artist and entertainer Anne M Vikeså brings along the guitar and holds an informal “live” music quiz competition. The teams guess until songs, artists, annuals etc. and ends up in an unparalleled all-singing competition. Here there is a high level of commitment and at times a lot of adrenaline. The competition is kept seated and partly standing at the tables as the engagement increases. We do not use stage or microphone for participants. When the team has a response ready, they press the button and the lamp on the stage shows which team is in turn. This allows everyone to be included, have fun and dare to participate. Duration: 30 – 45 min. (customized according to agreement) Quantity: 10 – 80pers. Price on request.

Guided tour at utstein monestary

Utstein Abbey is 1.3 km from the hotel and is well worth a visit and a tour. This is a unique cultural monument with a dramatic history. Utstein abbey is the only preserved medieval abbey in Norway. Utstein Kloster Hotell took over the commercial operation of the abbey in 2015 and has a good cooperation with the abbey owner Museum Stavanger (MUST). The tour lasts for 45 minutes and is led by authorized Utstein abbey Guides. Price on request.

Monestary concert

We collaborate with many talented musicians, and can arrange most genres of music at Utstein abbey, often in the abbey church itself which has a very special and unique acoustics. The atmosphere and the framework around such a concert must only be experienced. Often it may be enough that we arrange a mini concert according to the wishes of the customers, to put an extra unforgettable point on their event. Suitable for groups of 20 to 180 people. Price and duration on request.

Monestary hour

How about going to an abbey – for an hour? Experience glimpses of the religious tradition of the monastic period. An hour of history, culture and music at Utstein abbey, for today’s people. Through an hour in the abbey church you will hear music from the Middle Ages. Representative from Utstein Pilegrimsgaard shares some views from the history of the abbey and read poems and texts from the monastic period, for reflection and reflection. Price on request.

The mozart company visits utstein monestary

A Count, a little sister, a big sister and a mad doctor get ready for the ball at the castle, and the entanglements and quarrels are many. Who really gets to dance with whom? Does the count have clean flour in the bag, and what happens when people drink the mixture to the doctor who comes to fix it? The Mozart Company consists of 3 highly educated opera singers and a pianist from Leipzig / Stavanger. In liquid stavanger, drama is served with pompous and contemporary costumes for beautiful melodic lines drawn from Mozart’s opera universe. Duration can be adjusted from one set to full night. Price on request. 


The team building is about creating a fun story, which will turn into a puppet theater. The teams need to create a miniature scene and sew / paste together different sock personalities. This is then put together into a unique notion the world has probably never seen before. Each team is given a bunch of different socks, and all the equipment needed to solve the tasks. Here it is important to allocate the time and each team member’s efforts are decisive for the final result. Finally, the team rehearses their performance, and then performs their play for the other teams. An instructor who unlocks the teams through the sock theater is sock crazy and experienced in theater, directing and possesses plenty of sewing knowledge. Duration: 1.5-2 hours.

Teambuilding activities

We can offer many different activities and team building. Informal competitions, rebuses, task solutions, plays, etc. The activities are tailored to the customer’s wishes, and we emphasize that everyone can participate and can adjust the level to the group. There is often a very good atmosphere with a lot of laughter and very committed participants who quickly take the competitions bloody seriously. Suitable for groups of 15-80 people. 

World cup in sowing madness

Each team is given everything they need to solve the task. This involves sewing machines, textiles and clothing, effects and various other equipment. It is agreed in advance what is the theme of today’s Sy World Cup: the company’s “new” uniform, halloween, different eras, adventures, aliens, the wild west, sportswear, redesign and more. No prior knowledge is required and anyone can participate. The activity ends with the teams showing off their masterpieces, being immortalized and the winning team being selected. The recommended team size is 3 – 6 people and the maximum number of participants is 40 people. Recommended duration is 1.5 – 2 hours.

Fishing contest at the pier

Everyone has a relationship with fishing and this is a very social and fun activity when in a group. We can arrange an uncompromising fishing competition from the pier just outside the hotel. Criteria for awarding are agreed with you. The kitchen prepares more than happy to catch the dinner for the evening, to the great honors and delight of the winners. We provide the necessary fishing equipment. Minimum 10 people.


The sea – the horizon – the forces of nature – sea spray – high and low speed. Get excited about a unique boat ride. In good weather, we make a trip around e.g. Kvitsøy in an hour, or a trip between shears and reefs in the fjords. Each boat can seat 10 people. The activity is not suitable for people with poor back or pregnancy.


Want to explore the island a little faster? Then we have exactly what you need. We offer free rental of 6 good tour bikes to our guests. This is a perfect way to check out the nearest islands to their many exciting and unique attractions. For example, cycling out to Utstein abbey is a nice little trip.


154 meter over the ocean, and is the highest point on Mosterøy. From here, the views are fantastic over the sea and the island kingdom. This tour is within walking distance of the hotel. At normal speed, it takes one hour to return.


The lighthouse was created in 1849, automated and depopulated in 1977 and replaced by the lantern in 1983. The lighthouse is located on the outermost point of Fjøløy, right in the sea gap. During World War II, the Germans established several forts around the region, and sometimes in Fjøløy. Today, the area has become a beautiful and organized outdoor area with walking paths, seating benches and toilets. The distance from the hotel is about 3 km. 

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